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My marriage is the greatest source of joy, support and meaning in my life.​

That does not mean it is always easy. 


There's nothing really surprising about that - after all, why should it be easy for two people with different backgrounds, different interests, different styles to come together to make a lifelong partnership?

Relationships don't simply thrive by magic - they thrive when we are deliberate and thoughtful about how we understand each other, how we communicate, how we forgive our partner's inevitable missteps and how we take responsibility for our own. 

Whether you are about to get married or are re-establishing your love and connection after years together, there are skills and practices that can strengthen your connection for the years ahead. 

I come to this work drawing on many sources: Judaism's understanding of marriage, my experiences of more than a decade in the congregational rabbinate, in which I have helped many couples get married, and helped many couples navigate their relational dynamics; training I have done with the Gottman Institute, and my own experiences, both as a child of divorce and as a partner to my wife Alison for more than 20 years.

If you'd like to work together to formalize your commitment or recommitment to each other, please follow the links below to be in touch. 

With blessings,

Rabbi Brent

Emotionally Intelligent Weddings

Newly Wed Couple
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Emotionally Intelligent Anniversaries

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