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premarital Counseling

More and more, couples are recognizing the importance of emotionally intelligent premarital counseling as part of their wedding.

This is a wonderful thing, because our relationships are not something we simply have; they are something we build, and counseling can help us build stronger marriages

​Drawing on 20+ years of experience as a rabbi, chaplain and pastoral therapist, I counsel couples of all religions, genders and ethnic backgrounds through drafting their own marriage covenant, or ketubah, and building their marriage.

The ketubahs I help couples draft are affirmative articulations of what they are committing to their marriage.

  • What practices will help their partnership endure over the long haul?

  • How do they want to show up for each other when things get hard, as they inevitably will?

  • How can they harness friction to draw them closer, not drive them apart?

  • Which patterns from childhood and prior relationships do they want to embrace, and which ones to they want to try to leave behind?

  • How do they reconnect after arguments?

Weddings last a day and are beautiful; marriages last a lifetime and can lift us up and grind us down. Counseling strengthens marriages.

Oftentimes, I counsel couples who are having a friend, relative or other "casual officiant" lead their wedding, and if so, I'm glad to coach them through how to create a ceremony that has an accessible flow, and how to maintain a calm, reassuring presence during an intense moment. 

You can learn more about my process from these testimonials and if you'd like to discuss premarital counseling together, please use the form below to be in touch. 

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Rabbi Brent was a delight to work with. He creates an environment that allows a new type o
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about you and your partner

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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