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Wild Spirit: The emek proejct

A few years ago, I was camping with my eldest kid and and some of their friends. Out on a trail called Mary’s Glen at North South Lake, we came to a little waterfall, with water cascading down these massive slabs of rock, each one about seven feet high, stacked on top of each other.


In a tiny crack between these slabs, there was a little dirt, and on that dirt, there was a little moss, and out of that moss, there was a little plant creeping upwards towards the sun. I stood there and experienced revelation as clearly as if I were at Mt Sinai. This was the Divine Force of Life pulsing through the rock, reaching up to turn the sun and dirt and water into life, more and more and more life and more life.

The Emek Project helps spiritual seekers of all backgrounds to come to the forest to meditate, pray, reflect and explore the lived theology of the forest

You can see more of what a Soul Stroll is like in this article from the Forward, Wow, Please, Thank you: How I learned to pray on a walk in the woods

To find out about the next Emek Hike, please join the mailing list at the bottom of this page. To inquire about a private hike for your synagogue, school or organization, please be in touch directly.


An elevation of our bodies through the spectacular hudson Highlands and an elevation of our souls through the spiritual insights of the Jewish calendar

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