Select Writings and Recordings

Becoming a Man

When I was a teenager, I had two posters on my bedroom walls — one of Samantha Fox, the ubiquitous “pin-up girl” of the mid 1980s; the other was the iconic picture of James Dean walking through Times Square alone, collar up, cigarette dangling from his mouth. [more]

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When they kick in your front door, how you gonna come?

An erratic, irresponsible, leader who pits one part of the population against the other, seemingly concerned with nothing as much as his own power and enrichment? We’ve seen this before – both in the 20th Century and earlier, in the biblical Book of Samuel. [more]

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Love at the End

Not a single member of my immediate family would be alive today, if not for modern medicine.

Not me, not my wife and not my kids. [more]


I (don't) Believe in God (text)

I’m a rabbi, but I tend to get a little itchy when the question of belief comes up. [more]


I (don't) believe in God (Video)

Believers and skeptics alike are generally talking about the same God in whom they believe or don’t. He’s really tall, big beard, sits on a throne, sounds like Darth Vader. He rewards us when we do what he wants and punishes us when we don’t. Put simply, people seem to believe or not believe in Zeus. [more]


Beaconites Podcast

Rabbi Brent has an expansive view of what is required to practice Judaism. There are some in the BHA community who are not Jewish in the sense of lineage but have nevertheless engaged seriously with the practice. [more]

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